What Distinguishes a Men’s Bark Ring from Other Rings?

Thankfully, independent jewelers have begun to expand the frontier of men’s jewelry, making attractive, stylish, and creative designs that shed the burden of traditional design. The Men’s Bark Ring is one such unique engagement rings. This guide will explore the bark ring, some of its unique options, and what makes it so special in comparison to other designs.

The main attraction of a men’s bark ring is right in its name: the bark of a tree of your choice. Bark rings are hand crafted out of a real strip of bark, not only giving the ring a beautiful, unique appearance but another layer of meaning as well. The symbolism of various types of wood is as old as recorded history, with tree wood like apple and willow having particularly relevant symbolism and spiritual value for use in jewelry.

Each type of bark looks different. Men who are passionate about nature will be able to quickly identify the type of tree their ring came from just by looking at it. Even better, imagine the special man of your life being able to place his hand against a tree in the wild and see his glinting ring match the pattern of the bark. Bark rings have a natural appearance, unfettered by the conventions of the past and the strict rules of textbook ring design. Each ring is totally unique, as no two pieces of bark look the same.

Choosing a men’s bark ring means being able to coordinate the patterns of the wood with the precious metal of your choosing. White birch bark, for example, is likely to play very nice with palladium or platinum, while pine or willow bark is likely to work beautifully with gold. Once again, the cooperation between wood and precious metal goes beyond appearance. Each metal has a history, both practically and spiritually, that informs its use in jewelry.

Bark rings are masterfully designed to be comfortable on the inside, carefully smoothed to rest easily on the finger of the wearer, while still maintaining the natural appeal of bark on the outside. Additionally, bark rings are designed to be reasonably priced while still holding all of the attractiveness of traditional rings.

As time goes on and the economy evolves, people are becoming savvier about where they spend their money. The status of having a solid gold ring is less important than the value and message that is communicated by the ring. Bark rings are considerably less expensive but do not sacrifice any of the beauty of traditional jewelry. Furthermore, the purchase of a bark ring goes to the artist you buy it from, not into the endless bank accounts of some faceless international conglomerate. 

The knowledge that your ring is handmade by an artist you can talk to is an incredible passive benefit to the bark ring. Wearing something that was uniquely made for you with a one-of-a-kind shape designed by nature itself is an experience that no other jewelry can replicate. 

As you can see, there are a great number of reasons to choose a bark ring for the special man in your life. Whether he is simply a lover of nature or a supporter of adventurous jewelers and artisans, he is sure to love a one of a kind bark ring. 

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