What are the various way to use mass SMS for business promotion

Business promotion –sms api Almost every person has mobile and most of them do use message service making this method of business promotion very useful for small scale business or for the businesses which either can’t afford or don’t want to promote their business through other medium of communication like television and newspapers. As mass SMS is an economic medium of business promotion.

Customer Interaction and information – Many big organizations use mass SMS as an information medium to their present information like banks and Investment groups. Each time customer makes a transaction within their accounts they get instant messages. This practice is very useful for making good client relationship and to increase the customer satisfaction level.

Communication within the employees – Many big and small level organizations uses mass SMS to communicate within the organization as it is an economic medium of communication.

For whatever purpose organization uses mass sms but basics of sending mass SMS are the same for every purpose. Normally mass SMS can be sent by using following – SMS gateway, SMS API and text messaging software. Let’s have some bird’s eye view of all of them.

SMS gateway – An SMS gateway is a way of sending a text message with or without using a mobile (cell) phone. Telecommunication service providers provide SMS gateway to mass sms service providers so that SMS gateway can be used as one point access to send or receive mass SMS. SMS gateway is similar to the message sending center in your mobile phones. Mass SMS service providers use SMS gateway as charges on sending messages are quite low with SMS gateway as compared to regular mobile messages.

SMS API – SMS API is an abbreviation for short messaging service application programming interface. As you might be aware that mobiles use different technologies like GSM and CDMA and apart from that user preferences and language gaps are there also Bulk SMS Services

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