Steroid Effects For Teenagers and Young Bodybuilders

The steroids for sale effects for teenagers and young bodybuilders are actually just enough to scare the average human being and prevent him or her from using these drugs. The Media has an uncanny tendency to report bad effects as being absolutely certain. However, it is very important for all teenagers and young bodybuilders to note that most of the outcomes stated below are caused by the abuse of such substances.

Steroids are some of the most powerful drugs and even careful users will suffer from their potential negative side effects. Those bodybuilders who are so interested in enlarging their bodies and stretching their muscles should also beware of these effects. You cannot totally eliminate androgenic effects because they are the most common anabolic effects that happen in all sex-based tissues. This implies that those steroids that produce anabolic effects are also the ones whose side effects are the least desirable.

For male teenagers and young bodybuilders, the natural state of the hormones will produce such side effects as accelerating the pattern of baldness that is so common with most men. The sex drive is also considerably reduced in addition to a diminished sperm count. The development of the breasts will also be accelerated and I am sure no man wants these breasts. Apart from these, the testicles will shrink considerably. This means that men will experience increased feminization.

On the other hand, female teenagers and young bodybuilders will become more muscular by the process of masculization. The side effects of using such drugs will enlarge the clitoris. There will also be considerable (and inconvenient) changes in the menstrual cycle. Also, they will lose their high pitched voices and develop deeper, man-like voices. Additionally, the breasts will be reduced in size. Apart from this, the worst side effect may be that most women will be scourged by baldness that is male-patterned. However, the last straw will be the hair that will grow on the face such as beards, moustaches and side burns.

However, it is not all there is to abusing these substances. Steroid effects for teenagers and young bodybuilders, both male and female, will also comprise an increased risk of suffering from skin disease. This includes cysts and acne. You will also be susceptible to such cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes. You may also suffer from illnesses to your liver such as cancer and cysts. Finally, you may also get such psychological side effects like unprecedented aggression and depression.

In conclusion, the list goes on and on. These are not the only potential effects that will accrue to those teenagers and young bodybuilders who abuse steroids in trying to change the way their bodies look. However, if you have already started using these drugs, do not worry too much. The good news is that it is possible to reverse the above stated effects. Still, you will have to cease using them in order to cause this reversal.

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