It seems that everyone from the 15-year-old kid to their Grandmother
is able to design a web site these days. You could also build the
site yourself using a word processor or other web site program;
however if you choose this route, plan on spending quite a bit of
time learning, to get your site to look professional.
Creating a web site is not as simple as typing a 토토먹튀.

If you want your site to look professional, it is imperative to find
a designer that will be with you from the start to the finish of your
web site and will also be there in the future should you need changes
or updates to your site. So how do you distinguish who is a good
designer or a bad one?

Here are some important steps to take before making that important

1.Credentials – does the person or business have professional
qualifications in Web Design and the Internet? Are they certified in
any particular area of web design? You can often check this out by
going to the “about” page on their web site. If they have taken the
time to gain the qualifications, then you know they are serious about
their business.

2. Experience – how long has the person or business been designing
web sites and working with the Internet? If it is only a short time
then they may not be familiar with all the technologies available in
designing a web site and may not be around to take care of your
future needs.

Look at the design of their web site and other sites that they have
designed by going to their portfolio page. Do the colors and text
look balanced? Do all the links work, does the site load fast and is
it easy to navigate the site? Do all the pages have a consistent look?

3. Testimonials – this will give you a good idea of the service and
design you can expect. Look through the testimonials of satisfied
customers. The testimonies should have the email address and the web
site address listed (so you can contact them if need be). Beware of
fake testimonials in which just the name is listed but no email or
site address.

4. Vision – create a basic plan of the type of web site you want. Do
a search of other sites on the Web, to get a rough idea of what type
of site you are looking for, that is unique to your business, (not
just a copy of someone else’s). Sketch your ideas out on paper, so
that when you contact your designer, you already have a good idea of
what you have in mind.

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