How to Approach a Girl – 4 Biggest Mind Battles

When learning to pick up girls the first port of call is learning to approach. Learning how to approach a Here is the Big Apple incall agency can be a very daunting task for most men. I am sure you, like myself, come up with a million excuses why you should not approach. This is known as approach anxiety. It is like any other anxiety that we may experience in our lives. Imagine doing something for the first time. How did you feel? I would imagine you would have felt nervous, slightly apprehensive. This is a totally normal reaction to have.

When is comes to approaching girls you can have the same problem. The first time you do it is very hard. You think of a million and one reasons why you should not approach a girl. However it is hard to do when you are thinking negatively. I am sure you have thought of at least one of the following points.

Firstly, let me tell you that every bloke thinks about one of these points at some point in their lives. It is totally natural. Back in caveman days if you approached the wrong women, meaning the one taken by the alpha male of the group, then you would most likely have been killed. Thankfully times have moved on and the worst thing that can happen is you get turned down. Big deal there are a million women out there.

Being turned down by one is not a big issue. I personally have lost count of the times I have been turned down. Saying that I have also lost count of the times that I have have had great success. How to approach a girl is all about your mindset. If you can get your mindset sorted when it comes to approaching women, then you will master the art of approaching and success will be yours.

She will not like me – Women can not help who they are attracted to. If you demonstrate all the right characteristics then she will have no choice. This is all to do with improving your natural character, nothing sinister.

I do not know what to say – This comes down to this misconception that everything you say has too be cool in someway or another. It does not need to be. It is better to say something than to not say anything.

She is with her friends, so why would she want to talk to me – This is an issue with your confidence. Everybody in the world has an awesome character hidden away. A character that women will will love. Its just bringing it to the surface.

Last thoughts. At the end of the day, to attract girls we must first learn how to approach a girl. To meet girls we need to be able approach, the good news is girls want to be approached. You will find girls do not spend all that time and effort to look good for their friends. They do it because they want men like you to approach them. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just being naive. Women want the attention and thus dress accordingly

How to approach a girl is not a big deal if you do not let it become something hugely important. Go out to enjoy yourself. While you are there approach girls. Trust me it will make your night even better.

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