As An Affiliate, Should You Sell A Digital Or Physical Product?

The majority of list-builders regard affiliate marketing as their primary monetization method. As an affiliate, you may look into two major categories of jeeter live resin – digital and physical products. Each category has its own benefits and drawbacks. Let us examine some of the pros and cons to make a more informed decision in choosing which category to focus on at which stage of your list-building journey.

Digital Products

Information products are the most common type of digital product being promoted. They can be extremely profitable in the right market. Let us take the weight loss industry for example. There are many people who are desperate to lose weight, and they are willing to pay a fair sum of money to learn how to do so effectively.

Weight loss books, how-to videos, slimming salon memberships, and diet plans make billions of dollars in revenue each year, proving that people will definitely pay for information on how to lose weight. Digital products come in various forms. A favorite among affiliate marketers is the e-book.

However, different niches respond differently to the various forms of digital products. Some people would rather watch a video instructing them exactly how a certain action is done than to read about it. Look for products that have convincing sales letters. If the sales letter is boring, the conversion rate is probably going to be low.

There are several benefits of promoting digital products. One of it is a decent profit margin. You usually get a higher percentage of the sale price with digital products. Since they are almost pure profit and there is very little overhead, product owners can pay much more. Additionally, digital products may also convert better than physical products. This is due to the fact that sales letters for digital products are designed to convert. Most physical products barely have two paragraphs of sales text.

Physical Products

Physical products can be profitable in certain markets. In other markets, there may not be many physical products to promote, or they may not convert well. It helps to test multiple products to find out which one works best for your list. You don’t always have to stick strictly to promoting products within your niche, either. If you have an email list targeted toward the home cooking niche, you may cross over occasionally to promote other home and garden products like a vegetable gardening kit or kitchen equipment.

Physical products convert better than information in some markets. For example, the home décor market may be more receptive to physical products than digital ones. This is another reason why testing is important. You may find your list completely unresponsive to information products, but they may convert very well on physical products.

Here is a tip. Whether you promote digital or physical products, you may want to buy an additional domain to redirect your affiliate links. This will help disguise the fact that they are affiliate links, which may increase the number of people who click the links and ultimately buy.

You can use a simple redirect script, or purchase a more complex one that will track the traffic you get to your links. A good script can also help you track how effective your campaigns are.

Learn more about the various products you could offer your list but always take note that your judgment may not reflect that of your entire list. Therefore, it is very important to test how responsive your list is to the various types of products.

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